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Does tax law confuse you and do you get frustrated by its obscurity? We will analyze your business from multiple perspectives, because we believe that every client demands an individual solution. We highly value competent advice, whereby we not only explain the process itself, but also simplify our explanation by focusing on the essential matters.

We serve medium-sized manufacturing and processing companies, subsidiaries of international corporations, service providers in various branches, small businesses and self-employed. Furthermore, we advise private individuals in all areas of taxation law and in asset management issues.

We will gladly ascertain your needs in a no-commitment introductory conversation.

Yours, Dr. Peter Schlör

We do not have a one size fits all approach to accounting. We tailor our tax consulting services to your ...
Comprehensive asset management advice is essential so that your financials are on firm financial ground. A detailed inventory of your ...
Asset management like all areas of the fiduciary sector demands a high degree of integrity, solidarity, transparency, and of course ...
Diligent and correctly maintained financial accounting is the basis for all business decisions. We provide you with the necessary support ...
Comprehensive and responsible: Timely and accurate payroll accounting as well as keeping track of personnel data are essential to any ...
Numerous companies rely on external professional business management services which can be advantageous by offering new views, perspectives, and impulses. ...

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a tax advisor?

Are tax advisory expenses deductible?

Unfortunately, tax advisory expenses related to the preparation of personal tax returns are currently not tax deductible as special expenses. However, this only applies to general tax advisory expenses not attributable to a specific source of income, such as the preparation of the summary sheet of the tax return. Tax consulting costs attributed to a specific source of income are deductible as operating expenses or as special expenses against such income.

Is it possible to arrange appointments outside official business hours?

If you are unavailable during normal business hours we are prepared to accommodate your schedule outside our official business hours.

Can I easily change my tax advisor?

This is possible any time. It is entirely your decision who you entrust to handle your tax affairs. It is a regulated profession and your current tax advisor is required to transfer you case to another tax advisor of your choice, subject only to actual fees incurred having been paid. A power of attorney provided to the new tax advisor will be submitted to the tax office in order to ensure that they have the appropriate information. As to basic income tax issues you will simply hand us your files. Tax advisory is our regular business and we will have no issue understanding your specific case.

How are the fees of a tax advisor calculated?

Fees are based on the statutory remuneration schedule for tax advisors. The respective fees depend on the value of a case, its complexity and the required time to establish the optimal solution. The quality and completeness of the submitted documents is a decisive factor for the handling of ongoing standard services such as payroll accounting, financial accounting, and income tax preparation. Complete, well prepared and easily comprehensible submitted documentation reduces our time to process a case! We understand that you might have further questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us with details, and we will be pleased to provide a proposal for you specific case.


Response from our Customers

  • Horst Willnauer:
    "Our company has been advised by Dr. Schlör and his team for many years. We highly value his professional attitude, expertise and advice. We are looking forward to continue our successful collaboration."
  • Thomas Müller:
    "For the last couple of years we have enjoyed working with Dr. Schlör and his team. For us as a non-profit organization, the collaboration has been critical. We also value the personal relationship with Dr. Schlör, his expertise addressing our concerns and his creativity finding solutions."
  • Marcus Michel:
    "The Schlör tax office has accompanied the development of our group of companies from the very beginning. Professional competence, reliability and the high service orientation of Dr. Schlör and his employees are important criteria for long-term, successful cooperation for us."

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